New Customer Installation Checklist

RDP Implementation and Training ChecklistDate Completed
Work with RDP to determine if you need to purchase any additional hardware.
Determine what credit card Gateway option is best for your property, and purchase credit card devices if needed. Contact Camille Fowler at Resort Data Processing at or 970-845-1144. It can take 15-20 business days to process credit card processing changes so it is important to start this process as soon as possible. See: RDP Credit card options.
Your IT Technician installs Windows Operating System and configures your network per RDP specifications.
Purchase and install the current version of Actian Zen 13 Database. Contact Camille Fowler at RDP at or 970-845-1144. See Overview of Pervasive Database.
Purchase latest edition of Crystal Reports Designer (a separate software program from the RDP Crystal Reports Module). This software is necessary in order to make changes to standard reports.
RDP connects to your network via the Internet and confirms hardware requirements.
Prior to entering data into the RDP system, please review Critical Factors to Consider When Configuring Room Types and Room Numbers.
Download & complete the Installation Document in Adobe format or in Word format.
RDP delivers ‘empty’ system via the Internet through Webex or Terminal Services.
If you have purchased data uploads, please see Guest History UploadTravel Agent Upload, and Owner Upload.
RDP remotely trains your staff on how to enter the critical system data from Installation Document.
Your staff begins entering critical system data immediately into live RDP system on your network.
Review and establish plan for RDP Interfaces such as credit card, phone, point-of-sale, etc.
Once hardware is verified and critical system data entered, onsite training dates are established with a signed travel document.
Your staff enters all future reservations and other critical system data prior to RDP arrival for onsite installation. It is mandatory to enter this data ahead of time. RDP installers will train your staff extensively on this process, but they DO NOT perform data entry. See Reservations Overview.
If you have purchased the Internet Reservations Module, please review IRM Installation Checklist.
Establish a plan for internally designing the Internet Reservation Module’s ‘look and feel’ or hiring an outside designer to help assist with the design. RDP does not provide website design services.
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